Electronics, Inc.

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Triton Electronics is a Veteran Owned company that began servicing and calibrating communications test equipment in 1985.  Business expanded into stand alone Communications Logging Recorder sales and service in the 1990's until replaced by integrated options.  Our customers, who range from trading companies, banks, and hospitals to law enforcement, fire, 911, and correctional centers, will tell you about Triton Electronics, Inc.'s performance, dedication to the customer, competitive pricing, and extensive knowledge; not only of our products, but also the many facets of the industry and consumer. Triton also services and certifies all types of RADAR guns. Not only that, but a variety of emergency lighting products, ideal not just for marked vehicles, but unmarked or covert equipment. Closed Circuit Television and Security systems are no problem with Triton Electronics. We can install, upgrade, or repair your security camera system. Triton has products and services for many different aspects of society, from the private sector to public safety and government agencies.