• Non-proprietary recording platform featuring embedded Linux O/S for increased reliability and a more cost-effective system
  • Analog, Trunked radio, VOIP, T1, E1, ISDN, and Digital PBX support
  • Field upgradable from 8 to 96 channels
  • Choice of archive drives and methods
  • Standard dual 250GB RAID-1 hard drive array, optional 500GB RAID-1 hard drive array, RAID-5 hard drive array, or Hot-Swap RAID-5 hard drive array
  • Standard dual hot-swap power supplies
  • Mix analog, digital, and VoIP channels in same system
  • Dial-in remote diagnostics
  • Variable speed playback, fast forward/rewind
  • Input cards detect DTMF and CLID for inclusion into call records database
  • Programmable Archive Protection prevents previously recorded media from being recorded over or reformatted

Control From the Front Panel, Access from the Network & Vice Versa!

Control the VR725 recorder from the optional front panel using the big, bright 7" color TFT touch screen, or simply plug in an external display, keyboard, and mouse. Monitor and play back right at the recorder! Using our full-featured MediaWorks client, up to 32 simultaneous users can recall, monitor, and playback at any Windows networked PC.

Scalability And Flexibility are Engineered-In

We know that your needs can change, so we have designed the VR725 to accommodate a wide variety of interfaces. Analog recording is expandable from 8 to 96 channels; digital PBX phone channels from 8 to 96*; ISDN-BRI circuits from 4 to 48; 24 to 192 T1 or ISDN PRI channels, 30 to 240 E1 or PCM30 channels, and 8 to 128 VoIP telephones. What's more, you can mix analog, digital PBX phones and VoIP phone channels in the same unit. On/Off-hook, VOX, and continuous record activation are all selectable on a per-channel basis, as are beep tones (for analog channels) and automatic gain control (AGC). The VR725 also supports DTMF and CLID telephone number detection. Compression rates of 13kb/s GSM, ADPCM 16kb/s, 32kb/s, or Mu-Law 64kbs are selectable for each group of channels. Configuration is programmable-no tricky hardware adjustments necessary!

Fault Tolerant Storage for Months (Or Years!)

Fully redundant RAID-1 dual mirrored 250GB hard drives are standard, yielding 41,250 channel hours of recording at 13.3kb/s. Optional RAID-1 dual mirrored 500GB hard drives yield 82,500 channel hours. RAID-5 array option provides up to 1.5TB of storage or over 28 channel years of recording. Even larger RAID storage is available via special order. For archiving, a 9.4GB DVD-RAM multi-drive is standard which holds 1,540 channel hours of audio per cartridge. Network archiving (to NAS) and central archive options are also available.

Feature-Rich PC Client Software

The MediaWorks and MediaAgent clients provide access from an unlimited number of standard PC workstations running Windows, with up to 32 workstations accessing the VR725 simultaneously. Multiple VR725s can be operational on a single network without interfering with your existing network or servers. MediaWorks is a self-installing and self-contained, scalable Windows client which has minimal system requirements, yet provides full access to the call record database and recorder from an unlimited number of PC workstations. MediaAgent is a Windows client that provides desktop-based instant recall, record-on-demand, and more.

Comprehensive User Features

All call records are stored in a state-of-the-art relational database. MediaWorks client search features include filtering by channel name, time/date, duration, dialed number, DTMF, Caller ID, call direction, ANI/ALI data or call tag. Up to all installed channels of playback or live monitoring are available simultaneously via MediaWorks client software. You can create PC-compatible WAV files of single calls or all calls that comprise an incident.

Multiple User ID/Password Security

The system administrator can create multiple user profiles to allow permissions to be managed down to the channel level using password and user ID security.

Standard Local Control

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Volume control with built-in speaker
  • Drive status LEDs
  • Re-record and headset jacks
  • Key lock for power on/off

Optional Front Panel

  • 7" color touch screen
  • Drive status LEDs
  • Re-record and headset jacks
  • Key lock for power on/off

Remote Access Software

  • MediaWorks™ fully-featured Windows desktop client
  • MediaAgent™ Instant Recall Windows desktop client
  • MediaCoach™ web-based quality monitoring, e-Learning, and coaching software

Channel Capacity Per Unit

  • Analog - 8 to 96 channels
  • Digital PBX Stations (2-wire) - 8 to 96 channels
  • Digital PBX Stations (4-wire) - 4 to 48 channels
  • Digital PBX stations (Mitel/Rolm) - 4 to 48 channels
  • ISDN-BRI - 4 to 48 ISDN-BRI circuits
  • T1 or ISDN-PRI - 24 to 192 channels (1 to 8 circuits)
  • E1 or PCM30 - 30 to 240 channels (1 to 8 circuits)
  • VoIP phones - 8 to 128 channels (larger capacity available; please call)

On-Line Recording Storage

  • Standard dual mirrored 250GB RAID-1 yields 41,200 channel hours*
  • Optional dual mirrored 500GB RAID-1 yields 82,500 channel hours*
  • Optional RAID-5 hard disk array yields up to 247,500 channel hours*
  • Larger capacity RAID storage available; please call

System Platform

  • Digital non-proprietary appliance

Operating System

  • Embedded Linux

Archive Recording

  • 9.4 GB DVD-RAM 1,540 Hours per cartridge
  • USB drive for back up/restore
  • Remote recording to NAS or Eventide ATLAS-series recorder
  • Optional removable 250GB hard drive yields 41,200 channel hours
  • Optional Iomega 70GB REV drive yields 11,550 hours

Call Record Database

  • Relational database of all call records with programmable retention

Playback Search Parameters

  • Channel name
  • Time/date
  • Call duration
  • Call direction
  • Dialed number
  • Caller ID number
  • Call record filtering
  • Channel number


  • Simultaneous record/play
  • Live Monitor
  • Local Speaker
  • Remote PC
  • Continuous
  • Looped
  • Variable speed
  • Fast forward
  • Rewind


  • Multiple user profiles control permissions down to the channel level

Channel Inputs

  • Compression Rates: 13kbs GSM, ADPCM 16kbs, 32kbs or 64kbs Mu-law
  • Frequency Response: 200 to 3400Hz
  • Signal-to-Noise: > 50dB
  • Crosstalk: -60dB
  • AGC: 24dB boost
  • Impedance: 10kOhm
  • Record Activation: VOX, off-hook, continuous, on-demand, external, optional contact closure detection

Analog Interfaces

  • Analog telephones, 2-way radio (trunked and conventional), telephone trunks, stations, handsets, headsets, microphones, speakerphones, etc.
  • Beep Tone (for analog channels) - selectable on a per-channel basis

Digital Interfaces



  • VoIP telephones
  • Trunked radio
  • Digital PBX telephone stations


  • Ethernet 10/100/1000Mps, TCP/IP protocol
  • Windows-based control clients, up to 32 simultaneous accesses, with desktop instant Recall

Standard Fault-Tolerant Features

  • Dual hot-swap power supplies
  • Dual fans
  • Mirrored RAID-1 hard drives
  • Dial-out diagnostics


  • Standard: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 350W max, 500VA
  • Optional: -48VDC power input (for special applications)


  • 3U form factor
  • 5.25" [134mm] H x 19" [482mm] W x 24" [610mm] D
  • Optional rack-mount slides


  • 55 pounds [25kg] net

* @ 13kb/s GSM compression
Specifications and features are subject to change without notice or obligation.